Why Should You Stay At A Friendly Guest House In Gurgaon?

Gurgaon is an expansive city that moves fast and grows faster. It is slowly becoming an important city in North India, and rightfully so, given that it is a very ancient city that has existed for thousands of years so far. When you are travelling to Gurgaon, the options for your accommodation are endless. From high-end hotels to a budget hotel in Gurgaon, there are many choices, but there are various reasons why you should choose a guest house in Gurgaon over even the best hotels. What are the reasons? Let’s find out!

Reasons To Choose A Guest House In Gurgaon

  • Experience
A guest house in Gurgaoncan provide a very different living experience than what you would find in a hotel. Guesthouses are run by a small team of often helpful, friendly, and warm people that genuinely want to make your accommodation as pleasant as possible. You might not always get the best amenities or huge rooms. However, your staying experience will be made amazing by the community of people with whom you will share the space. If you are a person that loves to communicate and share your experience with other people when you are travelling, you would love staying at a guest house in Gurgaon more than any hotel.
  • Cost Of Living
The cost of living that you can avail of at a guest house is much lower than that of hotels. This is a contributing factor to why you should choose a guest house in Gurgaon over staying at a hotel. The lower accommodation cost does not mean you don’t get modern amenities. You do get all the amenities and features that you would normally get at a hotel, but it comes at a lower cost because of other factors. So, if you are looking for a budget hotel in Gurgaon, a guest house is one of your best options.
  • Vintage Atmosphere
If you are a regular traveller, you would know that hotel rooms, after a point, all look and feel the same. They don’t have any character, and they just feel very drab and lifeless after a point. So, for you to spice up your living experience, why not go for a vintage guest house that still maintains and relishes the old charm of the city that has existed for thousands of years (Gurgaon). The best part is that even with the old charm and architecture or decor, you still get all the modern amenities that will make your stay comfortable.