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How To Plan The Most Budget-Friendly Corporate Retreat In Gurgaon?

Gurgaon is an important city for the corporate world. From startups to established MNCs, Gurgaon houses all types of corporate companies from around the world. So, for your company to plan a retreat to Gurgaon, it makes a lot of sense business-wise. In terms of fun, Gurgaon is a young city with a lively entertainment circuit and nightlife. You will also be located at a stone’s throw distance of the nation’s capital, which makes it perfect for any form of tourist activity.

So, now that you have been convinced that Gurgaon is an amazing city for you to play your office retreat, this brings to the second question. Where do you stay? Accommodation in any new city can be a slippery slope because you can either get a great deal at a budget hotel or a terrible deal at a luxury hotel in Gurgaon. Unless you know these three things, you will not be able to pick the best accommodation solution for your corporate retreat in Gurgaon. So, without more delay, let’s jump into it.

3 You Need To Know That Will Help You Choose the Best Accommodation In Gurgaon For Your Corporate Retreat

  1. Space

When you are accommodating a large group of people, you need to go for an accommodation option that is spacious and has the capacity to house the entire team. This helps you stay in touch with your team regularly and check in with them to make sure your plans are on schedule. So, having a spacious living arrangement is necessary.

  1. Safety

Safety is another major issue when you travelling to a new city, especially on an office trip. So, you have to ensure that the living arrangement you plan has safe premises and is located in the heart of the city. You also need a place that has CCTV and security to ensure safety on-premises.

  1. Savings

Last but not least, planning office trips can be difficult because spending a fortune is never nor should it be an option. You have to plan stays at budget accommodations that offer all the features discussed above. It is impossible to find such perfect places in Gurgaon, and the answer may or may not shock you.

The Answer Is A Service Apartment In Gurgaon

A service apartment in Gurgaon is your best bet to ensure that you meet all the three requirements mentioned above. How? Let’s explain.

  1. Space

A budget service apartment in Gurgaon has all the space you need to house your entire team. If you have a very tight or small budget, you can share the room among team members to ensure your budget stay is not harmed. This is an option that you can avail of at a service apartment in Gurgaon and not many other places.

  1. Security

With 24/7 security, housekeeping staff, and CCTV, you never have to worry about the security of your stay when you stay at a budget service apartment in Gurgaon. You can also avail of many extra security features such as cooking your own food if you do not trust others handling your food. Or you can use this service if you just want to have home-cooked food.

  1. Savings

There are no more budget-friendly accommodation options in Gurgaon than a budget service apartment in Gurgaon. They offer the best pricing for long stays, and if you are staying as a group, you are sure to be able to cut a deal with the management.

The Service Apartment In Question Is Lime Tree Hotels Service Apartments In Gurgaon

So, now you know the best accommodation option for your corporate retreat in Gurgaon it’s Lime Tree Hotels & Service Apartment in Gurgaon. For more information about their budget service apartment in Gurgaon, check out the company website.