Budget Serviced Apartments in Gurgaon

Budget Service Apartments in Gurgaon- Guests are treated with the comforts of home by the professionals of the Gurgaon Serviced Apartments. Gurgaon has an abundance of prime areas where we provide quality luxury service apartments. In our Gurgaon Serviced Apartments, you will find fully furnished apartments that will make you feel at home.
The provision of fully furnished serviced apartments that include all the amenities necessary for a comfortable and convenient stay. In order to make our clients feel as if they never left their home, we strive to provide them with the best service and fulfill their every need (Budget Service Apartments in Gurgaon).
With all the comforts of home and the luxury of a high-standard hotel, our serviced apartments give you more than you expected. The budgeted serviced apartments in Gurgaon that we provide should make our guests feel satisfied and confident.
Gurgaon Service Apartments: Why Stay There?
1. Flexibility Stay (Budget Service Apartments in Gurgaon)
The amenities offered by serviced apartments make them more affordable and suitable for clients. In addition to providing free cancellations, free wi-fi, parking and other facilities, it is much more flexible when it comes to early check-ins and free cancellations. All possible precautions are taken by our professionally run apartments to prevent any possible trouble from occurring for our clients.
2. Cost Effective
Hotel rooms can sometimes burn a hole in your pocket, especially if you're staying for an extended period. The benefit of serviced apartments is that they come with hotel-like services included in the price. People with large families or large groups enjoy the benefit of not paying extra per head. Serviced apartments for extended stays are very cost-effective for businesses.
3. Privacy (Budget Service Apartments in Gurgaon)
As apartments of Gurgaon provide the same privacy as at home, we strive to provide a peaceful and undisturbed experience for our customers. There is no intrusion or disturbance to the clients in the use of the space. Whether people wish to cook, do whatever they like, invite friends over, or just relax, it's up to them.
4. Exceptional Service
Besides high-end accommodations, we also provide a professional staff to cater to the needs of our guests to ensure their stay is convenient, fulfilling, and enjoyable. If a client wishes to explore more of the region, the staff's knowledge of local culture, food and tourist attractions is beneficial.
5. Security (Service Apartments in Gurgaon)
People opt for hotels instead of serviced apartments due to security concerns when living in a serviced apartment. The Serviced Apartments, on the other hand, ensure utmost safety as our properties are located in safe and friendly neighborhoods and equipped with round-the-clock surveillance.
6. Space
We provide our clients with the freedom to move around and a space to call their own with our spacious and luxurious apartments. As opposed to the cramped spaces of a hotel room, guests are shown a fully furnished and beautiful home with a kitchen and a living room.

Facilities offered in Lime Tree Hotels and Service Apartments:-

We are a leading chain of serviced apartments in Gurgaon, Lime Tree Hotels and Service Apartments. Its high-end accommodations and exemplary service make Lime Tree Hotels stand out among its competitors.
Founded 10 years ago in Gurgaon, Lime Tree Hotels and Service Apartments offers a wide range of living spaces across the country. As a company that specializes in sales and marketing consulting for hotels, Lime Tree Hotels and Service Apartments was founded in 2011.
Since 2013, we started with the construction of a single four-room property in Gurgaon and have grown to have an inventory of over 100 rooms, including guest rooms and service apartments in Gurgaon. In addition to providing immaculate services and facilities, Lime Tree also strives to provide a fine dining experience.
You will enjoy a home-like atmosphere while benefiting from all the conveniences of a modern hotel with our carefully designed accommodations. We are a leading hotel and service apartment chain located in Gurgaon with the feeling of being at home. Our high-end accommodations, exceptional service, and superior guest experience make Lime Tree Hotels stand out from the competition.