Why Should You Consider Service Apartments in Gurgaon For a Safe Stay While Visiting the City?

With the third wave of COVID-19 at the doorstep, your safety and security against the disease while travelling is under question again. While it is unsafe and not recommended to travel during these times, emergencies do come, and there are situations where you would need to travel regardless of your feelings towards it. If you are travelling to Gurgaon during this time, and you have to stay in the city for a short period, you should surely go for service apartments in Gurgaon.


As a city with a booming economy and infrastructure, people need to travel to Gurgaon for many different reasons. When people rush to hotels at high rates to accommodate themselves for their short stays, you can one-up them by choosing a service apartment. This is because service apartments come with many benefits that can help you make your stay safer than a hotel. Don’t believe that? Here are two reasons you should stay at a service apartment rather than a hotel to ensure a safe stay.

2 Reasons Why You Should Stay At Service Apartments In Gurgaon Instead Of Hotels For A Safe Stay

  • You Can Have Your Own Kitchen

You would know from common knowledge nowadays that COVID-19 spreads from contact, and it can spread when you consume food that has been touched and handled by other people. Having your own kitchen will allow you to make your own food, and that can be the difference between you being sick and you returning to your native healthy. When you stay at a hotel, your food is handled by many different people, from cooked to being delivered to your room. No matter the number of precautions used by the hotel staff, would you rather be in charge of your own safety or trust strangers who have no responsibility for your health to keep you safe? In general, it is better to be in charge of your stay, and so it is surely better to be in charge of your food to make sure you do not get sick.
  • Cleaner Rooms With More Features

Service apartments in Gurgaon have much cleaner rooms than hotels mainly because they are regularly maintained and cleaned by the housekeeping staff. You may think that hotel rooms get cleaned too, but more often than not, hotel rooms are used by more people because hotels are more accessible for single day travelling.

However, when it comes to service apartments, they are used by people that are planning on staying a bit longer than a day, and generally, these rooms are cleaned on requirement as per the requirement of the tenant by the team at any required time. These types of facilities are not available at hotels where the rooms are either cleaned/sanitised once a day or when one guest leaves and the other one is checking into the room.

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Bottom Line

In these trying times, give yourself a break from the constant worrying about your safety and health and stay at service apartments in Gurgaon to enjoy your stay and to ensure the utmost safety to your health. While mentioning it is crucial for you as a traveller to also be responsible and follow the protocols of maintaining thorough personal hygiene, wearing a mask, and being up-to-date for your vaccinations against COVID-19.