Types of Living Arrangements you will find in Gurgaon

Family trips can create some of our best memories. However, planning and organizing a successful family getaway requires thorough preparation and coordination.
Every detail requires careful attention, from reserving flights and planning fun activities to finding the perfect place to stay.
Where you decide to stay is one of the most essential considerations when planning a family vacation.
You need to find a safe, hygienic, and cozy place without going over budget. Serviced apartments provide the ideal solution by giving you spacious accommodations, all facilities, and comfort at an affordable price.

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Pocket-Friendly Pricing

When you travel together with family, costs can quickly go up. Standard hotels are generally costly since a standard room in a 5-star inn will cost roughly twofold that of a standard service apartment.
When you book service apartments in Gurgaon, you can cut down on your lodging costs. A serviced apartment makes your stay easier and more affordable when staying with your family.

Kitchen For Home-Cooked Meals

If any of your family members have food allergies, finding the right food on a daily basis can be a struggle. Service apartments in Gurgaon come equipped with kitchens, letting everyone enjoy their favorite dishes.
Not to mention, since you're not dining out for every meal, you end up saving money that would've been spent on restaurant bills.

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Kitchen For Home-Cooked Meals

The living spaces of serviced apartments are almost double the size of a standard hotel room! The expansive layouts of serviced apartments allow you to truly unwind and spread out.
You can have your own room to relax while your kids can enjoy their own space in a separate room!!

Central Location


One major reason families hesitate about trips with children involves uncertainty about the location of accommodation places. Here too, serviced apartments come to the rescue.
These residences are located right in the thick of the city, which means that even after long days spent exploring, you won't be too far from your stay.

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Same Perks As Hotels

While hotels in Gurugram traditionally provide comfort and indulgence, service apartments now offer the same.

Service apartments in Gurgaon offer many of the same luxurious extras as hotels, such as swimming pools, gyms, round-the-clock reception, and other luxurious amenities. So you still get to indulge in luxuries without compromise.

Comfort Of Home

While some travelers appreciate the stripped-down aesthetic that most hotel rooms offer, minimal decor often fails to amuse children.

Serviced apartments, on the other hand, tend to incorporate small comforts like artwork, throw pillows, and decor accessories that breathe life and personality into the space.

These touches may seem trivial, but they transform an otherwise impersonal room into a cozy refuge that truly starts to feel like a second home.

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No Compromise With Routine

Every family runs on a routine that makes life easier on a day-to-day basis. However, these routines can get messed up when out on a trip.

Hotels have particular breakfast time, lunchtime, and dinner time which may not match your routine.

In such situations, a serviced apartment offers the benefit of a kitchen and other amenities so that you can cook your meals and also follow the daily routine without a miss!!

Entertainment Facilities

When on a trip, sightseeing and visiting different tourist destinations is the best thing you can do.

However, with children, limited sightseeing is possible since their energy goes down very fast.

Thus, when you’re back in your room, having entertainment options can be a great advantage.

Serviced apartments mostly offer TV, and DVD players to keep the guests entertained. Some hotels in Gurugram also come with entertainment facilities.

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To Wrap Up

We are sure that after going through this list, you will be convinced of the advantages of renting a serviced apartment for your upcoming family vacation.

The next time you are here, make reservations for luxury service apartments in Gurgaon like Lime Tree to have the best time of your stay!!