Why Business Travelers Prefer a Serviced Apartment

Space and Comfort

A key factor driving business travelers towards serviced apartments is the generous space and comfort they offer. Unlike confined hotel rooms, serviced apartments typically feature separate living areas, bedrooms, and fully equipped kitchens. This additional space enables travelers to unwind, work, and host guests, creating a homely atmosphere even while away from home

Privacy and Independence

Serviced apartments provide business travelers with enhanced privacy and independence compared to conventional hotel accommodations. This aspect is particularly important for professionals who require a tranquil and secluded environment for work, conference calls, or relaxation following a hectic day of meetings. The ability to prepare meals or entertain colleagues in a private setting further amplifies the sense of autonomy.


Serviced apartments present a budget-friendly choice for business travelers, particularly during prolonged stays. By preparing your own meals and handling laundry, you can cut down costs associated with dining out and laundry services. Moreover, numerous serviced apartments provide flexible leasing arrangements, ensuring greater value for your investment over time.

Home Away from Home

The familiarity of a serviced apartment can alleviate the stress and disorientation of business travel. Having your designated space enables you to customize your environment, fostering a feeling of comfort and well-being. This sense of home becomes particularly valuable during extended assignments or frequent business trips.

Facilities and Amenities

Serviced apartments are outfitted with a variety of amenities tailored to the requirements of business travelers. These may encompass high-speed internet, fully equipped kitchens, in-room workspaces, as well as on-site fitness centers, meeting rooms, and concierge services. Such facilities streamline the ability of travelers to uphold their work routines while away from their home base.

Location Flexibility

Numerous serviced apartments are strategically positioned in city centers, business districts, and other pivotal locations, offering convenience and easy access to important business venues and offices. This flexibility in location stands as a notable advantage for business travelers who require proximity to their work destinations.

Longer Stays Made Easy

For business travelers embarking on extended assignments, serviced apartments provide the convenience of a "home base" where they can unpack, establish a sense of belonging, and establish a routine. This aids in the adjustment to a new city or country and facilitates productivity over extended periods.



Q: Are serviced apartments suitable for short-term stays?

A: Yes, serviced apartments are ideal for short-term stays, offering all the comforts of a home without the commitment of a long-term lease.

Q: Can I host business meetings in a serviced apartment?

A: Many serviced apartments offer meeting facilities or designated workspaces, making them suitable for hosting small business meetings or presentations.

Q: Are serviced apartments cost-effective for solo travelers?

A: Absolutely! Solo travelers can benefit from the cost savings associated with serviced apartments, particularly when compared to the expenses of dining out and additional hotel fees.

In business travel, the notion of accommodation has transcended traditional hotel stays. Lime Tre Serviced apartments in Gurgaon present a pragmatic and cozy option for business travelers who prioritize space, autonomy, cost-effectiveness, and a homely ambiance. These apartments are no longer merely an alternative to hotels but are progressively emerging as the favored option for professionals who extensively travel. Hence, if you're a business traveler seeking a comfortable, convenient, and economical accommodation choice, contemplate booking a serviced apartment for your upcoming journey

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