Why Service Apartments Are Best For Temporary Stay in Gurgaon?

A service apartment is an apartment that you can rent for a period of time that can be used by yourself or in sharing. Service apartments in Gurgaon are available at affordable costs. They also offer all types of housekeeping services at the apartment for no extra cost. Apart from these services, the service apartments are furnished apartments for rent in Gurgaon. So, you will get all types of amenities and features needed to make your stay comfortable and luxurious. You might come to the question, what is the difference between a service apartment and a hotel? Well, there are a few differences. Let’s take a look at the differences.

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Difference Between Hotel & Service Apartments

There are some similarities between the hotels and service apartments that causes the confusion, but there are certain differences that help you differentiate between the two; the differences are:

  • A service apartment is not just a room. You get a full apartment complete with either one or multiple bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and more. The space inside a service apartment is on average 30-50% larger than a hotel room.

  • Following up on the previous point, the presence of the kitchen in your apartment is also one of the key differences between hotels and service apartments. Because hotel rooms usually do not have kitchens.

  • Hotels are good for short stays, which mostly last a few days. Service apartments in Gurgaon are best for a longer stay than hotel stays that last a month or more.

Now that you know more about service apartments and how they are different from hotels let’s look at why they are the perfect living arrangement for your temporary stays in Gurgaon.

Serviced Studio Apartments
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Why are Luxury Service Apartments in Gurgaon best for temporary stays


Luxury service apartments in Gurgaon offer quality living facilities at affordable rates. They offer AC rooms with all the modern commodities and amenities required for you to have a comfortable, luxurious, and pleasant stay. You can rent a studio apartment in Gurgaon as a service apartment if you plan to stay alone to save costs. A studio apartment in Gurgaon is one of the most cost-effective and affordable living options where you can get the needed luxuries while maintaining a low cost of living.

Where Can You Find The Best Service Apartments In Gurgaon?


The amount of services you get at furnished apartments for rent in Gurgaon is remarkable considering that the average living cost of the city is quite high. This is where you need to select the right service apartment provider in Gurgaon to make sure you can get the apartment at the lowest price possible. The best service provider for affordable and quality service apartments in Gurgaon is Lime Tree Hotels.